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Welcome to Brittanys Online!

This online magazine was created with ALL American Brittany lovers in mind. The site was developed by a pair of Brittany owners who believe that all potential Brittany owners need a way to find a quality puppy once they understand both the joys and responsibilities of owning this wonderful dog.

In addition, we hope to offer an educational forum for new and current owners to learn more about what we believe to be one of the most versatile of sporting breeds -- The Brittany!

Together we have experience totaling nearly 45 years and have owned or bred a total of 7 Dual Champions (including hour stake winners), over 35 show champions, 19 obedience titleholders (competing at all levels), at least one Tracking titled Brittany, several Hunting Test titled dogs, as well as Agility competitors and an occasional Working Dog Endurance certified Brittany.

We believe each Brittany has a purpose, including being a loving pet and valued addition to the family.

The site is designed to showcase Brittanys and any items or services that might enhance the enjoyment of this wonderful breed.

Brittany lovers of all types will find a wealth of information at Brittanys Online!

We want to know your opinion and what you need to help you maintain, understand and enjoy your Brittany as a pet, companion or competitor. Enjoy our site.

Remember that we are not endorsing any advertiser, training method, or product that may be mentioned here. It is up to you to verify all posted information and make your own choice

Email us with your comments and suggestions -- even your criticisms!


Products and Services for your Brittanys

brittany head
The Art work & calendars of Christine Ward-Weber
Cimmaron Designs

Training Equipment
Tri-Tronics, Inc.
Making it easier for dogs to learn since 1968.


Bull Creek Kennels
Jimmy Berneathy

Field Trial Products

Whistle & pistol lanyard set comes in various two-tone colors: natural/tan, natural/dark brown, black/tan, black/natural.

Apparel Items

Embroidered garments, oilskin hats, etc.

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